At we believe that every performance should reach the audience sounding just right: clean, enjoyable, honest, direct and absolutely professional.

At we almost always take charge of the sound at the events we run, providing a complete service, and save the client time and effort. And because we work as a perfectly integrated team we can guarantee optimum results.

All too often a performance is ruined by the shortcomings or the absence of the sound technicians, or a poorly designed set-up, preventing it from reaching the audience with its true quality and impact.

Our sound teams are the first choice of various music festivals and concert promoters. We also work directly for musicians who care too much about their audiences to leave their live sound to chance.

We offer a full sound equipment rental service, with motivated expert staff for projects of all kinds.

For us, the sound system is simply a means of transmitting emotions. It has to be there, but it shouldn’t be noticed. I’m always delighted when the musicians forget to mention the sound engineer at the end of a show. Mission accomplished!