PERSONAL GROWTH through interaction between live percussion and the participants. Group work but with individual, personal objectives.

FREE BODY MOVEMENT, AFRICAN AND ORIENTAL DANCES and concentration on BREATHING as the basis for personal work, always guided and accompanied by percussion.

Sessions take place in specially-arranged places. OPEN TO NATURE. RURAL HOUSES with services of all kinds; showers, dining rooms (vegetarian cooking available), rooms... Usually WEEKEND sessions, but sessions of ONE AFTERNOON or ONE DAY can be arranged (minimum 3–4 hours).

We often work with GUEM, a leading light since the 1970s in the world of percussion and dance. A famous percussionist who has released more than thirty albums and with a long career in this field.

PLAY for the ones who are dancing and DACE for those who are playing... The oldest sort of party there is... An INWARD JOURNEY to RELEASE the BODY and the EMOTIONS...

Introspection... Find yourself (anew)... Movement... Percussion... Nature... Time and space... Silence... Journey... Vitality... Emotional wisdom...

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